Soundac PU-D anti-drumming paste

Sandwich anti-drumming of horizontal and non-horizontal surfaces

Soundac PU-D is a two component polyurethane designed for sandwich anti-drumming of steel and aluminium surfaces and very well suited for application on e.g. bulkheads and ship decks. We have a special type for horizontal surfaces and a type for non-horizontal surfaces.

Soundac PU-D is commonly applied as anti-drumming and raising the sound insulation of horizontal (PU-D20) and non-horizontal (PU-D30) surfaces and reduces noise generated by vibrations in machines and structures.


Soundac PU-D viscoelastic anti-drumming paste is a special developed polyurethane polymer that combined with steel or aluminum forms a sandwich construction that achieves high loss factors in a wide temperature and frequency range.  The noise level as a result of structure borne noise is greatly reduced.